Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Westchase Artists Society Website

The Westchase Artist Society website is updated every month. We are adding a gallery section for the artist, galleries in the area and a call for artist were we will be posting great opportunity for artist. Also we are posting our seminar and newsletters.

Our goal is to create a site that will become a great resource for the artists in the group and elsewhere.

Westchase Artists Society Sharing with the Westchase Community

A couple of months ago, the Westchase Artist Society was invited to
participate in the 7th Annual Art Festival at the Westchase
Elementary. Cynthia, who had participated in the event in the precious
years and a member of the Westchase Artist Society, recommended the
event. So, following Cynthia's recommendation, I went ahead and
volunteered. I saw it as a great opportunity to share what I do with
the young kids in our community and also to promote the Westchase
Artist Society.
Well, today was the 7th Annual Art Festival and it was great. When I
arrived early in the morning, my table was set. A green table cloth
covered the table; my name and the name of the westchase artist tag
were hanging on the wall. They even had a set of beautiful flowers
next to the table, which later were given to the artist.

I went ahead and set up my drawings, a couple of portraits, animal
drawings, Westchase sketches and four examples of my drawing process.
Next to all this, I placed the materials I used for drawing and my
drawing pad. As I was finishing arraigning everything, the first group
of kids surrounded me and from then on it didn't stop until 1:30pm.
One group after another and I only had 5 to 8 minutes for each group.

To all the groups, I explained the process I use to draw and show them
the materials I use. However, when it came to drawing, I decided to
become creative and interact with the kids. If the kids were in
kindergarten or first grade, I will draw numbers and then ask them
what can that number transform into. For example, "..a 1 could become
an arrow or a 2 a swan or snake", I said to the kids. They love it and
most of them wanted to participate by saying the next number and what
could transform into.

On the other hand, if the kids were in second to fifth grade, then I
will show them how to draw a still life in less than 2 minutes and
then allow one kid in the group to try to draw the same. The still
life was composed of two apples, which by the end of the event I could
draw even with my eyes close since I had draw it so many time. The
kids were all interested and all wanted to try it. They asked
questions and the once that had the opportunity to draw, got to
experience the benefit of drawing with charcoal, conte and pastel.
Plus the lucky kid in the group who got to draw, also got to take the
drawing I drew and their drawing home. How the kids said:"COOL."

The organization of the event was excellent. The organizers were
really helpful and nice. The kids interacted, asked questions and
enjoyed. I even got people asking me for my business cards so I could
teach their kids and themselves how to draw or draw a portrait for

I had a blast and I definitely recommend the event. Good organization,
great exposure of your art and most important you get to share with
your community.


Vanessa M