Saturday, May 04, 2013

Carter's Gallery Presents The Westchase Artists Society!

May 4th was the Artist's Reception held at Carter's Gallery.  Reporting in and what a great reception and what a great show!  It's so much fun when our group gets together and we do put on a great party, if we say so ourselves.  Lots of appetizers accompanied by a wonderful lemon and cucumber infused water provided by Carter's Gallery.  Our hosts have been so gracious and we're so appreciative to Michelle and her crew for the hard work that they put into seting up the show. 

Lots of hard work went into the planning of the reception, and Susan Whitaker, stepped up and did a fantastic job.  Toni Crosby helped to coordinate the food and not a soul went hungry on Toni's watch.  Teresa Trubilla, our fearless leader and President, did a spectacular job in getting the word out to the press and online venues.  I think everyone can agree that we had a wonderful flow of people coming through and loving our work. 

Carter's Gallery is a wonderful new gallery that has a spectacular selection of unique, high quality art, home decor and gift items.  I got the feeling that I was walking through an art festival, but without the heat and humidity.  They've spent a lot of time searching for just the right pieces to make their gallery special.  It's great not to have to drive over to St. Pete to find that special something.  And, with the addition of the Westchase Artists Society's selections, what better place to shop for Mother's Day, Father's Day and any other holiday coming up.